Mining Machine Purchasing

Quick Mining will restock brand-new mining machines every now and then, and users who own QM will have the privilege to purchase during pre-selling and have discounts.

Cloud Mining

Quick Mining also offers a variety of cloud mining products so that mining crypto is convenient.

Deposit & Earn Cryptos

Quick Mining offers interest if users save cryptos on the platform, so that the assets of users will be maximized.

Mining Rental

Quick Mining provides Mining Rental with attractive rates, which guarantees the safety of users’ assets, and the yield will be received in both BTC and QM.


Official Hashrate

350 PH/s

Yesterday's Earnings

4.40768 BTC

Total Amount Gained

1068.06538 BTC


The comprehensive service platform of Quick Mining is aimed to promoting the mining industry ecology based on the blockchain computing power. As the only circulation medium of Quick Mining platform, Quick Mining Token is applied to a variety of mining scenes. Quick Mining Token can be exchanged into computing power, which can also be used to pay for the mining machines fees, electricity fees, custodian fees, platform service fees, DeFi service fees and so on, which will finally build a comprehensive mining service platform of global blockchain, integrating mining machines trading, mining machines hosting, mining machines location leasing, cloud computing service, information service and financial service.

Efficient Trading of Mining Machines

Quick Hosting Mining Machine

Reliable Cloud Computing Services

Improve Financial Services


Hash rate services

Quick Mining platform relies on Mining machines, mines and the computing power behind to provide users with a variety of computing power services. Users can purchase and host mining machines on the platform.

Cloud computing services

Quick Mining cloud computing power service platform simplifies the tedious steps of Mining. QM holder distributes the benefits through exchanging computing power and ensures the transparency and fairness of the whole process through the combination of user-oriented distributed application, intelligent revenue distribution contract and prediction machine, making Mining more convenient.

Financial services

Quick Mining platform will continue to develop a new financial business and financial derivatives, integrating the global energy resources based on the global layout of the Quick Mining platform, which provides customers with the best investment choices, and online platform digital assets financial service products, such as hedging business. That it can provide more perfect financialservices for currency holders on the platform.

Information and circulation services

QuickMining allows miners, mining suppliers, mine owners, individual miners and others to move fixed assets such as their machines and plants around the platform and in the secondary market, increasing the liquidity of miners’assets and allowing more idle computing power to be put to work so that users who want to dig can participate.


Quick Mining Token referred to as QM, QM, as the only circulation medium of Quick Mining platform, QM holders can deeply participate in the future development of Quick Mining platform and share the results brought by Quick Mining platform.

The only payment tool for service commission of Quick Mining platform

The payment tool for DeFi service fee of Quick Mining platform

QM holders can have rights of Quick Mining platform’s cloud computing power and other value-added services

When the platform digs mainstream currencies such as BTC, it can also get multiple rewards such as QM.


01 Quick Mining Platform is Launched
03 Expand the Platform Reserve Computing Power
02 Improve Financial Service of Digital Assets
04 Enrich Ecological Cooperation of Quick Mining